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THE SWIMMER DELIVERY VEHICLE shot out of the Ohio-class submarine’s torpedo tube and sliced its way through the subzero salt water toward the dock. With no propulsion system, the device was silent and stealthy as it made its way within range of the destination.

  It didn’t feel as cold as he had expected.

  The figure that clung to the SDV was dressed in a polithermal bodysuit, goggles, and scuba gear. The so-called sneaking suit protected him from the extreme temperature, but Dr. Hunter had told him that the shot she’d given him also was containing an antifreezing peptide to keep the blood and other body fluids from turning to ice, which could easily happen in the waters of Alaska’s Fox Archipelago.

  The Fox Islands were clustered in the Aleutian chain, just east of Samalga Pass and the Islands of Four Mountains group. They were notorious for being difficult to navigate because of recurring adverse weather conditions and an abundance of reefs. As a result, the submarine had to remain a significant distance out to sea; thus the need for what Campbell had called a surgical insemination.

  The man rode the SDV for nearly a nautical mile, at which point the missile’s forward thrust began to decline. They trick was to guide the thing to make a soft landing on the rocky, icy ocean floor. Allowing the device to tilt slightly to the right or left not only could cause a dangerous collision but also could alert the enemy’s sonar to its location.

  The rider used both hands to keep the steering mechanism steady as the SDV slowed, drifted lower, and eventually speared over the icy bottom with a smooth thud. When it came to a stop, Solid Snake checked the Codec and verified his GPS position, pushed away from the device, and swam toward the dock.

  Snake might have questioned the wisdom of keeping fit after he supposedly had retired. If he had only gained a few pounds and done noting but sit and watch television, Campbell might have had second thoughts about his taking the job. The fact that Snake was in superb shape gave Campbell another excuse to think that his man was ready to come back to work, even though Snake had fled to the middle of nowhere trying to escape the life.

  But he was suddenly thankful that he was in excellent shape, for Snake encountered powerful currents that were preventing him from reaching ground. He struggled hard against them, staying focused, concentrating on the breathing and appropriate muscle groups he needed to get through this, the first of many hurdles he would have to overcome before accomplishing his goals. Eventually he arrived at the dock several seconds ahead of schedule. He was glad to use them to rest and get his bearings.

  Shadow Moses Island. I made it.

  Slowly and quietly, the man with the code name Solid Snake surfaced to his nose and peered at the platform. Floodlights illuminated the area, but the icy wind obscured much of the visibility in all directions. The cargo dock was empty, and so Snake took hold of a support and grasped it tightly. Like a salamander slipping across a stone, he climbed the support, slid onto the platform, and darted to the shadows at the side of the water filtration tank. He was out of sight there, so he removed the tank and flippers and laid them against the wall.

  That’s it. Just a few moments to recharge. Wish I had a cigarette.

  Snake closed his eyes and began his relaxation exercises. In sixty seconds he’d be like new.

  As part of the meditation, Snake sometimes allowed his mind to drift over the events of events of earlier hours. That helped put the mission in focus.


狐狸群岛是阿留申群岛中的一串岛屿,位于萨马尔加海峡(Samalga Pass)与四山岛群(Islands of Four Mountains group)以东。它们由于周期性的恶劣气候和周边众多的暗礁而闻名。因此,潜艇不得不停留在海岸线外一定的距离,并且能够达到Campbell所谓“一次性人工授精”的距离。
十分隐蔽地,这个代号Solid Snake的男人潜出水面,凝视了一下平台。尽管泛光灯照亮了这片区域,但是凛冽的冷风遮掩了大多数能够看见的事物。这个卸货码头空荡荡的。Snake紧紧抓住一个支撑,像一只火蜥蜴般贴着岩石划过,攀上了平台,紧接着窜入一个滤水器的阴影之中。现在谁也看不见他了,他卸下氧气瓶和脚蹼,将它们倚在墙边。


HE HAD BEEN dreaming about gathering blueberries and salmonberries with a mind toward feeding the huskies he’d been training for the Great Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race when his internal alarm jolted Snake awake.

  He listened for a repetition of the sound that had infiltrated his sleep.

  There. A footstep crunching something outside the cabin.

  How come the huskies didn’t bark?

  Snake leaped out of bed, grabbed the 9-mm Heckler & Koch P7 from his gun clipboard, and snapped a magazine into it. He then carefully peered out of the frost-covered window to see three figures darting through the trees behind the cabin.

  Black ops. Armed. With assault rifles.

  “Who the hell are these guys?” Snake muttered aloud. He quickly took the bulletproof vest, from the table and threw it around himself. He had just finished snapping the last strap when he heard the men in the other room, on the other side of the bedroom door. Snake quickly assumed a firing stance at the side of the door, ready foe their intrusion.

  “Combat operative Solid Snake!” called a voice. “We are your friends! Please throw down your weapon! We’re under orders form Colonel Roy Campbell! I repeat, throw down your weapon! We’re here form Colonel Roy Campbell!”
  Campbell? What the hell?

  Snake figured the soldiers were using thermal imaging to determine that he was standing in the other room with a pistol in hand. And since Campbell was the only person who knew that Snake lived like a hermit in a remote cabin near Twin Lakes in the Alaskan wilderness, he reluctantly placed the handgun on the table.
“We’re entering your room. Please raise your hands and do not move! ”

  Snake did as he was told.

  Two combat soldiers burst into the room, faced Snake, and pointed their rifles at him.

  “Uhm, the door was unlocked, boys,” Snake said. “You didn’t have to break it down.”

  “Get dressed, please,” one of the men ordered. “The colonel is waiting.”

  Snake sighed heavily. “He’d better have one hell of a good reason for this.”

  Five minutes later Snake and six soldiers were trudging through the newly fallen snow to a transport helicopter that had landed a hundred meters away. Snake figured he hadn’t heard the chopper because the wind was strong that morning. A major storm was about to come through.

  The next hour went by in a blur as the helicopter flew out of sea and made a rendezvous with the SSBN-732 Discovery, Colonel Campbell’s mobile headquarters, a submarine currently floating in the Bering Sea. The men escorted Snake through the bowels of the boat until he was placed in what appeared to be the medic’s examination room. Snake was told to strip to his underwear, as he needed to undergo some tests.

  “The hell I will,” Snake grumbled.

  “You don’t have a choice, soldier,” one of the men replied. “Just do it.” When they left him alone, Snake decided to play along. Perhaps they’d send in a pretty nurse to take care of him. It had been a while since he’d seen a female, much less touched one.

  After he had been sitting in his shorts for fifteen minutes-he’d kept his beloved bandana on his head-one of the few men Snake called a friend entered the room. Since the officer had been the commander of FOXHOUND while Snake had been a member, the two men had forged a bond that had endured beyond Snake’s self-imposed retirement.

  “Snake. You look well.”

  Snake didn’t want to say that the colonel appeared older. After all, the man was in his sixties. Colonel Campbell was dressed, as usual, in his old Green Beret uniform, even though he was no longer part of that elite outfit.

  “Thanks, Colonel. You look …stressed. ”

  Campbell shrugged. “Comes with the job.”

  “You interrupted a very pleasant dream I was having about berries. This had better be good.”

  “Sorry if the boys were a little rough. Snake, we need you. This isn’t good, but it’s big. ”


  “Snake, we’ve got a serious situation, and you’re the only man who can get us out of it.”

  “You know I’m retired FOXHOULD, Colonel. I don’t take orders anymore.”

  “Let me tell you what’s up and you’ll change your mind. You know FOXHOUND splintered and many of the Next Generation Special Forces banded together and became a renegade group of terrorists-for lack of a better word – hell-bent on taking whatever they want and doing whatever they deem necessary to accomplish their goals.”

  “I heart something about it.”

  “Well, about five hours ago, our nuclear weapons disposal facility on Shadow Moses Island was attacked and captured by those renegades, led by members of FOXHOUND. They’re holding hostages and demanding that the government turn over the remains of Big Boss. They say that if their demands are not met within twenty-four hours, they’ll laungh a nuke.”

  A shadow passed over Snake’s face at the mention of the name. “Big Boss… my- ”

  “Your father. Yes.”

  Snake frowned in confusion. “Why do they want … a corpse?”
A woman dressed in a white lab coat came into the room. She carried a hypodermic and was smiling. Snake found her attractive and guessed that she was in her late twenties.
  At last!
  “Who’s she?” he asked.

  “This is Doctor Naomi Hunter, the unit’s chief medic. She’s also an expert in gene therapy.”

  She pointed the needle at him and said, “This won’t hurt a bit.”
  “What’s that?”

  “I’ll tell you in a minute.” She proceeded to sterilize his arm and give him the shot before he could protest.

  “Damn it, Colonel. I haven’t agreed - ”

  “Shut up and let me finish, Snake.”

  When she was done, Dr. Hunter stepped back but remained in the room. The colonel continued. “They don’t necessarily want Big Boss’s corpse; they want cell specimens that contain his genetic information.”

  “What for?”

  “Gene therapy. So they can better themselves.”

  Dr. Hunter spoke in a cultured accent that was not quite British but certainly Ivy League. “They can enhance their Next Gen forces with the cells. They military has been working toward identifying the genes that make what they hope to be perfect soldiers. Once the genes are identified, we can splice them into regular troops and then -”

  “Turn them into supermen.”

  “Yes. So far we’ve discovered about sixty of these ‘soldier genes’ in Big Boss.”

  Snake shook his head in disbelief. “So his body was recovered after all.”

  Campbell said, “Yeah. His cells have remained frozen in a cryochamber. His genomic information is, well, priceless.”

  “Priceless for the military, you mean.”

  “Snake, you can understand why we can’t simply hand over his body. It’s more valuable as a weapon than any WMD our enemies could threaten us with.”

  Dr. Hunter added, “His body was severely burned, but it was possible to restore his DNA profile from just a single strand of hair.”
“Who are these terrorists?” Snake asked.

  Dr. Hunter replied, “Uhm, they’re calling themselves the Son of Big Boss.”

  “Listen,” Campbell said. “Even the existence of this genome army is a national secret of the highest order. We had been hoping to investigate this thing quietly and deal with it behind closed doors.”

  Snake sighed and said, “Okay. How many genome soldiers do they have with them?”

  “Dozens,” Campbell answered.

  “Don’t tell me,” Snake said. “I’m going in alone.”

  Campbell allowed himself a smile. “Is there any other way?”Snake turned to Dr. Hunter. “What the hell was in that shot?”
“An antifreezing peptide to protect you from the cold. It also contains nanomachines to replenish adrenaline, nutrition, and sugars. And to top it off, there are nootropics- a class of drugs that will help improve your mental functioning.” The woman’s eyes sparkly; she seemed pleased with herself.

  “Aren’t you jumping the gun? I haven’t said yes yet.” Snake nodded at Campbell. “Why are you involved in this, Colonel? I thought you’d retired, too.”

  Snake detecked a slight hesitation when Campbell replied. “Not too many people know FOXHOUND as well as I do.”

  “Yeah? And what’s the real reason?”

  “Okay, I’ll be frank. A person very dear to me is one of the hostages. My niece, Meryl Silverburgh.”

  “What was she doing there?”

  “She’s one of us, an operative, although a very young and inexperienced one. She was assigned to the Shadow Moses Facility as an intern, so to speak. When several of the base soldiers were reported missing, she was called in as an emergency replacement. No sooner had she arrived than the revolt occurred.”

  “Has she been in contact with you?”

  “No. We believe that either she’s in hiding or she’s a prisoner along with oter civilian employees there. I don’t dare think of the, umh, other possibility.”

  Snake narrowed his eyes at Campbell. “Why would you allow someone so green to be sent here?”

  “It was her choice. She was my little brother’s girl. He and Meryl’ smother never married, so Meryl used her mother’s last name. My brother died in the Gulf War when she was ten years old, and since then I’ve been watching after her. She’s old enough to make her own decisions, although she’s not even twenty yet. She’s a good soldier, Snake. She’s quite adept at hand weapons, and I think you’ll find she’s quite good at stealth. She knows her way around computers and electric circuitry as well. If you can find her, she could be a valuable ally once you’re inside.”

  Snake didn’t particularly want a teenage girl an an ally, no matter how good she was at repairing burned-out wall outlets.
He sighed again and asked, “What do I have to do?”

  Campbell almost couldn’t contain his joy that his most trusted operative had more or less agreed to the mission. “You’ll have two objectives. First, you need to infiltrate the facility and rescue two VIP hostages.”

  “Your niece and who else? ”

  “Not my niece. She’s not the objective. If you can find her, great.” Campbell looked down. “But if you can’t, then-”

  “I’ll find her. Who are the two VIPs?”

  “DARPA chief Donald Anderson, and the president of ArmsTech, Kenneth Baker. ”

  Snake nodded. He knew that DARPA was the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. ArmsTech was the corporation that supplied weapons and arms research for the U.S. military. Heavy-duty hostages.

  “What business did those guys have at a nuclear weapons disposal facility?”

  “The truth is that secret exercises were being conducted at the time the terrorist group attacked.”

  “Huh, Must’ve been pretty important exercises if those two were involved. What were they doing, testing some new kind of weapon?”

  “I’m not privy to that information.”

  “Well, who’s in charge of this operation, Colonel?”

  “The president of the United States, Snake. ”

  “So if the terrorists have a nuke, shouldn’t the president and his cronies issue a COG?”

  “Not yet. Jim Houseman has operational control and is fully aware of the situation. After you infiltrate, if you determine they possess nuclear launch capabilities, a COG will be issued.”

  Then it was clear. Houseman was the U.S. secretary of defense and a member of the mysterious OSI, an FBI-like organization that conducted criminal investigations among military employees, soldiers, and related civilians. His service record dated back to the Vietnam days. Snake nodded and said, “I see. And what’s the second objective?”

  “It’s what I just said. You need to investigate whether the terrorists really have the ability to launch a nuclear strike – and stop them if they do. They’ve already told us they have a warhead, and they gave us the serial number. It was confirmed as authentic
“Isn’t there some kind of safety device to prevent this page of terrorism?”.

  “Uh-huh. Every missile and warhead in our arsenal is equipped with a PAL that uses a discrete detonation code.

  “Permissive Action Link. That’s the safety control built into all nuclear weapons systerms. But even so, we can’t rest easy. The DARPA chief knows the detonation code”

  “Sheesh. That means it’ll be on the front page of the National Enquirer tomorrow. But even if they have a nuclear warhead, it must have been removed from its missile. All the missiles on these disposal sites are supposed to be dismantled, right? It’s not that easy to get your hands on an ICBM. Right?”

  “That used to be true, Snake, but since the end of the Cold War, you can get anything if you have enough money and the right connections. Do you understand the seriousness of the situation now?”

  Snake stood and stretched. “Okay, I guess you have me, Colonel. But you owe me. Big time.”

  “Your country won’t forget it, Snake. By the way, I’m not a colonel anymore. I’m just a retired old warhorse.”

  “Sure… Colonel. I assume this is a weapons and equipment OSP.”

  “On Site Procurement is the norm; you know that. We’ll outfit you with a SOCOM going in, though.”

  “A handgun? Damn, Colonel…Hope that doesn’t put you over budget.”

  “Cut the sarcasm, Snake. Remember, this is top-secret black ops. Don’t except any official support. We’ll be in constant contact through your Codec, you know, provide you with maps and tactical advice- you know the drill.”

  “Tell me more about the facility.”

  “Unfortunately, it’s primarily a hardened underground base. Even with our most advanced intelligence-gathering equipment, we can’t tell what’s happening on the inside.”

  “Peachy. Who else is on the team?”

  “Let’s go in the control room. I’ll introduce you. Oh, uhm, after you’re dressed.”

  The colonel and Dr. Hunter left the room while Snake donned the special skintight suit that had been in the room when he’d arrived. “Ten minutes later, he emerged, looking more like the Solid Snake combat operative Colonel Campbell had known.”

  The control room was the hotbed of mission activity. Workstations were arranged in a circle, with each member of the team positioned at a designated station responsible for a single aspect of the mission. As commander, Campbell usually remained in the center of the circle, having easy access to each workstation.
First, Campbell introduced Snake to a very young Chinese girl who sat at a bank of computers. Snake thought she was definitely a babe but way too young for him.

  “This is Mei Ling. She’s our communications officer, specializes in image and data processing. Besides mine, you’ll hear her voice a lot through the Codec’s in-ear transmitter.”

  “Hello,” she said with a smile.

  The codec, he reflected, was an ingenious invention. The Codifying Satellite Communication Systerm incorporated anti wiring coding, digital real-time burst communication, sonarutilization, and radar. Normal communication was instantly codified, compressed, and transmitted in a bust one microsecond in length. However, Snake could receive it in real time, unscrambled and decoded. Special earplugs received the transmission and stimulated the small bones of his ear so that no onebut him would hear the sound. And he could contact any member of the team with a speed-dial button corresponding to his or her code frequency.

  Snake thought Mei Ling resembled a manga character come to life. He shook her hand. “I didn’t expect a designer of world-class military technology to be so cute.”

  She gave him a sideways glance. “You’re just flattering me.”
“I’m serious! Now I know I won’t be bored for the next twenty-four, er, eighteen hours.”

  “Hmm, I can’t believe I’m being hit on by the famous Solid Snake.”

  Campbell led Snake to another computer bank, switched on a monitor, and fiddled with a knob until the image of a woman in her thirties appeared on the screen. She had short blond hair and East European appearance.

  “This is Nastasha Romanenko, our nuclear weapons expert. She analyzes military hardware and ordnance. She’s you tech guru via Codec, Snake.”

  “I am so very glad to meet you, Snake,” the women said.
Snake pinpointed the dialect. “Ukraine,” he said.

  “How did you know?”

  “I guessed, Is that where you are? Ukraine?”

  “No, I’m in sunny southern California. LA.”

  “Lucky you.”

  Campbell continued. “Dr. Hunter you’ve already met. She’ll be the medical officer on the mission. Did you know her grandfather was Hoover’s assistant secretary in the FBI?”

  “Is that so?” Snake asked. “And that gives you the qualifications to be chief medical officer?”

  “No, but remember, I’ve already seen you naked.”

  “Do I get a prize for that?”

  Dr. Hunter gave him a wicked smile and retorted, “Well, if you make it back in one piece, maybe I’ll let you see me naked.”

  “Whoa! Colonel, when do I start?”

  “Settle down, Snake. Do you have any questions? Real ones, that is?”

  “No, but I wish you’d rustle Master Miller out of retirement. I miss his cranky pep talks.”

  Snake had hoped hat former FOXHOUND trainer and mentor, whose real name was McDonnel Benedict Miller, would be present. Miller also had retired to the Alaskan wilderness, but Snake had not crossed paths with him in years.

  Campbell chuckled. “Snake, you’ll be happy to know that Master Miller has agreed to support you with aid via the Codec.”

  “You found him?”

  “Not exactly. But we’re in touch. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly hear his voice when you’re surrounded by a dozen genome soldiers.”

  A navy serviceman entered the room and saluted. “Colonel, we’re approaching the launch site.”

  “Thank you, Ensign,” Campbell said. He returned the salute and addressed Snake. “Get the rest of your gear on. We don’t have much time.”
Snake跃下床,从枪套中拔出9mm口径的H&K P7,插进一支弹夹。接着他小心翼翼的透过结满冰霜的窗户凝视着那三个蹿过小木屋后树木间的身影。特种部队,全副武装,配备了突击步枪。
“特工Solid Snake”一个声音传来,“我们是你的朋友,请放下武器!我们是受Roy Campbell上校的指示前来的。重复一遍,放下武器,我们受命于Campbell上校。”
紧接着的一个小时他们在直升机的晃悠中飞跃海面,与正漂浮在白令海上的SSBN-732“发现”号潜艇——Roy Campbell上校的移动指挥部——汇合。他们护送着Snake穿过潜艇内部纠结的走廊,直到他踏入医疗检查室。他们要求Snake脱掉外衣接受检查。
“这是Naomi Hunter博士,这次行动组的首席医疗师,她同时是基因疗法的专家。”


Liquid Snake?Snake吃了一惊。









“但他从未在世纪大楼(Century House,英国秘密情报局SIS自从1966年到1995年的总部所在地)露过面。他在伊拉克被俘了,之后好几年失去了音讯。在你退休以后,他被救了出来,成为了猎狐犬的一员。”


(译注:从这段对话可以看出,Liquid SnakeSolid Snake都作为特种部队的新兵参与了海湾战争,不同的是Solid Snake去的是直接招募新兵的“绿色贝雷帽”,而Liquid Snake则是以某种非正式的身份进入SAS的,因为SAS通常是从各个精锐部队的现役军人中招募队员的。而Campbell提到的伦敦Century House1995年以前的SIS总部,因此可见Liquid与联合王国的合作关系是结束在1995年以前。)





Psycho Mantis(心理螳螂),来自俄罗斯,拥有强大精神力量。就我所知他被用来施行洗脑和心理战。接着是Sniper Wolf(狙击雪狼),据说是世界上最好的女狙击手,伊拉克库尔德人,美丽而致命。来自墨西哥的Decoy Octopus(诱饵章鱼),伪装专家,他能运用十数种语言,还是一个改变外貌的专家。”


Vulcan Raven(火神渡鸦),来自阿拉斯加的半阿拉斯加印第安半因纽特爱斯基摩混血儿,他是一个强大的战士,并不仅仅因为他是一个巨人。”






“最后是Revolver Ocelot。俄罗斯审讯专家和令人生畏的枪手。总是像牛仔一样穿着奇怪的长风衣拿着左轮手枪。据说苏联人将他训练成了一个拷问高手,你是绝不会愿意被他活捉的。”

“那么Liquid Snake就是这群人的头子?看来只是一群乌合之众嘛!”



“他们拥有野兽的力量、超人的智慧和基因改造。我们估计他们受Psycho Mantis控制才能实施这次突袭,占领了影子摩西。”






Campbell继续:“在那以后他们被我们的VR部队——‘Force 21’兼并,重新得到了训练。这群号称‘21世纪特种部队’的家伙都只是没有实战经验的模拟战士。”






“他们自称是一次‘革命’。”博士道,“就像我之前说的,Psycho Mantis一定做了些什么手脚。”











“听着,”Campbell说道,“由于这只基因部队的存在是国家的最高机密,我们希望能够悄悄调查这件事情并且关上门来解决它。” Snake叹了一口气:“OK。他们有多少个基因士兵?”“几十个”Snake一愣:“别告诉我我是单独潜入。”


Snake转向Hunter博士问道:“刚才到底给我打了怎么一针?” Hunter博士的眼睛眨了眨,愉快地回答到:“一种防冻肽,可以保护你不不会被冻着。还包含了一种纳米机器,可以补充你体内的脊上腺素、营养和糖分,更重要的是,这也是一种健脑药,可以增强你的肌肉功能。”

Snake不禁朝Campbell揶揄道:“你是不是先斩后奏了?我还没有同意啊。为什么你会卷进这个事件来?我还以为你退休了。” “没有人比我更了解猎狐犬部队。”Campbell的回答让Snake感觉到一丝犹豫,“是吗?真正的原因是什么?”

“好吧,实话给你说吧,一个对我很重要的人也是人质之一,我的侄女——Meryl Silverburgh。”














DARPA局长Donald AndersonArms科技公司总裁Kenneth Baker。”










“还没有,Jim Houseman对此有实际的指挥权,他了解事态。在你潜入以后,一旦确认恐怖分子拥有发射核武器的能力,他们就会发布COG。”

这样领导安排的意义就很明显了。Jim Houseman是美国国防部长,同时是神秘的OSI的一员。OSI——一个类似于FBI的,负责处理对军事雇员、士兵和相关公民的犯罪调查的组织。他的服役记录可以一直追述到越战时代。Snake点了点头:“了解,那么第二个任务是什么?”


















上校和博士走出房间,Snake穿上那套早已经放在房间里准备好的紧身服。十分钟以后,那个Campbell上校记忆中的传奇特工Solid Snake又回来了。


“这是Mei Ling,我们的通信专家,专长与图像和信息的传递。她将是除我以外你在整个任务过程中从CODEC中听到声音最多的人。”



Snake看来,Mei Ling就像一个漫画里跑出来的小姑娘。他与她握了握手:“我不曾想到,一个世界顶级军事科技的设计者居然……这么可爱。”





“这是Nastasha Romanenko,我们的核武器专家。她的职业是分析军方硬件配置与军备。她将是你Codec上面的技术顾问,Snake。”















Snake希望猎狐犬部队的前任教官兼顾问——真名McDonnel Bnedic Miller——会参与这次行动。Miller在退休之后同样选择了阿拉斯加的荒原,但是Snake已经数年没有与他见过面了。







  AND HERE HE WAS. Less than twelve hours earlier, he had been dreaming of huskies and berries. Now he crouched behind a filtration tank, ready to make his move.

  Snake heard boots on metal somewhere above him. He carefully peered around the side and saw two soldiers at the other end of the cargo dock. A man wearing a brown trench coat was with them as they approached the freight elevator.

  “I’m going to swat down a couple of bothersome flies,” the man told the soldier, speaking with polished elocution. “Stay alert. He’ll be through here; I know it.”

  “I see someone wearing a duster,” Snake whispered, the Codec picking up his words, “I think it might be Revolver Ocelot.”

  “Can you get a positive ID?” Campbell asked, his voice somewhere in the recesses of Snake’s ears.

  The man in the trench coat stepped into the elevator and turned around, facing Snake.

  “Negative. Wait. He turned this way. Colonel, it’s not Ocelot.”

  It was the leader himself- Liquid Snake.






“我看到一个穿着风衣的人”Snake通过CODEC低语道,“我想可能是Revolver Ocelot。”




那是自称“大首领之子”部队的叛军的领袖——Liquid Snake



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