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THE CYBORG NINJA attacked, with the high-frequency sword spearheading the lunge at Snake as if it had been launched by a powerful bow. Snake barely avoided the blade because the armored soldier moved with the speed of lightning. Despite his evasive action, the sword slashed Snake’s suit just beneath the left arm and sliced the skin along his rib cage. The pain caused his adrenaline to pump overtime, which shocked him into overcoming the complacency with which he had been executing the mission thus far.

  Whoever this guy is, he’s not playing around.

  The ninja continued to swing the sword back and forth in blink-of-an-eye strokes, shearing slivers off whatever material happened to be in the way- wood, metal, and plaster. If the cyborg got a fraction of an inch closer, one of Snake’s arms, or his head, surely would be rolling on the floor. Snake managed to back up and jump onto a four-foot-high platform of stacked forklift pallets. The maneuver surprised and confused the ninja, providing Snake with the moment he needed to fire his weapon. He squeezed the trigger and bombarded the cyborg with several rounds. But the ninja knocked the bullets away with his sword!

  Snake had never seen anything like it. The creature obviously could move with a speed far greater than that of any normal man.
He switched to spray fire and emptied the magazine, but the ninja continued to bat away bullets. Even through many of them got through the sword’s defenses, the rounds simply bounced off the armored suit as if they were marbles.

  “Your weapon dose not do you honor,” the ninja said. “Too slow.”

  Snake foresaw the sword swinging at him, jumped, and grabbed hold of a low-hanging girder. He swung his legs up and hugged it as the blade swiped the space where his body had been a split second earlier. The ninja attempted to strike him from the floor, but he wasn’t tall enough, so he jumped six feet into the air from a standing position. The blade swished toward Snake as he released the girder and fell onto the stack of wooden pallets. The top few split into timbers as his body crashed through them. He tried to wiggle out but was tuck within the broken slats.

  The ninja raised the sword to strike. Snake furiously kicked out the sides of the pallets to free himself, sending missiles of wood in the cyborg’s direction. The ninja’s blade easily shattered them into a hundred pieces. The distraction gave Snake the opportunity to pull back his knees and jackknife out of the pallets, perform a flip in midair, and land on his feet.

  The cyborg staggered back and held his head again.

  “The pain…” he groaned. The man’s entire body trembled for a second, and then he shook himself like a dog that had just emerged from a pool of water. The red sensor on his face focused on snake, and then he brandished the sword. “The pain makes me fell so alive!”

  And he attacked again.

  Snake didn’t waste time fighting, because it was futile. He needed a completely different strategy, and to formulate one he had to find some cover for a couple of minutes. He holstered his weapon and performed a somersault out of the way of the sword, which crashed down onto the floor where he’d been standing. Master Miller had taught him to use walls, stationary objects, and the furniture in a room as “springboards” – push – off points to get quickly from one place to another. Thus, Snake became something of a human pinball as he bounced away from he cyborg, leaping and kicking off solid surfaces with the agility of a circus artist. Three seconds later, he was behind one of the concrete pillboxes, his back against the wall, taking deep breaths. Reflexively, he reloaded the SOCOM and said for the benefit of the Codec, “Any suggestions on how to beat this guy would be greatly appreciated.”

  “Stand by, Snake; we’re working on it,” the colonel answered.

  Stand by? Was he kidding?

  Snake closed his eyes and concentrated on the sounds around him. The ninja moved silently and swiftly. Would he be able to hear the creature if he came close? What Snake could hear was his own heart beating furiously. It had been to long since he’d seen action such as this. Perhaps he hadn’t been in the best shape.

  Stop it, he willed himself. Of course I’m in shape. It’s that ninja who’s got the superpowers.

  He remembered more of Master Miller’s admonitions. Put an enemy’s strengths into perspective. Don’t compare him to yourself. Measuring the abilities of one man against those of another was pointless. What mattered was confidence, positive thinking, and envisioning victory over defeat before the battle had begun.

  Easier said than done.

  Becoming impatient with the dead silence in the room. Snake finally moved to the edge of the pillbox and stole a look back at the storage room. All he could see was Baker, still sitting under the lamp and the leaking steam pipe. The ninja was gone.

  Was the creature using his suit’s stealth qualities as camouflage? Was the cyborg right in front of his eyes but cleverly blended into the background.

  Snake slipped the thermal goggles back on. The heart from Baker’s body was cleanly visible, but it was weak – the man was dying. He had to get over there and talk to the guy before it was too late.

  There was no other heat source.

  Snake cautiously slipped out from behind the pillbox and then moved slowly back into the storeroom. He looked up and down the rows between equipment and supplies, but the ninja was nowhere to be seen. The creature must have fled.

  He didn’t sound like he was all there mentally, either.

  Snake set out for Baker but halted in midstride. Something wasn’t right. There was definitely another entity nearby. Snake’s senses were so finely turned that he could feel when there was danger around the corner. It was an asset of the genetic coding that went into his makeup, but Snake also had become more sensitive as a result of the post-traumatic stress disorder he had suffered from over the last couple of years. His previous mission for FOXHOUND had shaken him to the core, resulting in his early retirement and retreat into the Alaskan wilderness. It had taken months to rid of himself of the hallucinations, paranoia, and mental confusion that accompanied PTSD, but his rehabilitation inexplicably left him with ultra-awareness. He heard better, saw more clearly, reacted faster – and although he didn’t believe in a sixth sense, Master Miller had remarked that Snake had developed one.

  It was this sixth sense that saved his life. As he stood between the stacks of crates, a mere fifteen feet away from Baker, Snake became conscious of a presence hovering over him. He quickly glanced at the ceiling and reflexively leaped to the side before the exoskeleton fell on top of him.

  The cyborg ninja had climbed onto the girders and waited for the moment when he could leap upon his prey. But instead of colliding into Snake, the ninja crashed facedown onto the floor. The creature was slightly stunned.
  Snake used the opening to jump into position and kick the ninja in the head. The cyborg’s skull jerked backward as he emitted an unearthly cry of pain. Snake spun his body in preparation for another roundhouse kick, but this time the cyborg caught his ankle. Using unimaginable strength, the ninja lifted Snake with one arm and tossed him into a pile of crates as if the operative had the weight of a house cat. Then the cyborg got to his feet, drew the sword from his scabbard, and pointed it at Snake. He moved closer so that the sharp point touched Snake’s Adam’s apple.

  “Are you or are you not my enemy?”

  Snake was dazed by the throw. He lay helplessly on his back, looked up at the imposing exoskeleton, and waited for the inevitable skewering. But then he realized that the creature had asked him a question.

  “I’m not your enemy,” he answered. He took off the thermal goggles so that the creature could see the sincerity in his eyes.
The cyborg hesitated. The red sensor on his face fluctuated in intensity. He then pulled back the sword and straightened his body. Once again, the ninja rubbed his head. “the pain… I do no know…”

  The ninja turned from Snake and started to walk away as if he had just woken up from a dream and didn’t know where he was.
“Wait,” Snake said. “Let me help you!” But the ninja broke into a run and was gone before Snake could get to his feet. “Damn, he’s fast.”

  Snake didn’t chase after the tormented creature. He stood and brushed the splinters from his suit as he considered that there was something familiar about the ninja – but he didn’t know what it was. There was no time to think about it, either. Perhaps he’d run into the cyborg again, but for now, Baker was his main priority.
The ArmsTech president appeared to be unconscious, but Snake could see that he was still breathing. “Baker?” He approached and gently rustled the man. “Wake up. Can you hear me?”

  Baker groaned and lifted his head. “Who are you?” he asked in a whisper.

  Snake replaced the canteen. “Anderson said he gave them his detonation code. What about yours?”

  Baker winced and looked away. “I …I talked.”


  Snake wanted to slug the guy. “So now the terrorists have both codes? Do you realize what this means? They can launch a nuke anything they want!”

  “it was the physical… torture … But … but I resisted Psycho Mantis’s mind probe. The surgical implants… in my brain. Everyone … everyone who knows the codes has them.”

  “Even the DARPA chief?”

  “But Anderson said Psycho Mantis got the code from him. How can that be?”

  Baker shook his head in confusion. “I … I don’t know. Please. I’m …dying.”

  Snake crouched in front of him. “Listen to me. Okay, so the terrorists have both codec. But what about the card keys? The ones that override the detonation code? Do you have them?”

  The man shook his head again. “Not …anymore. I gave them … to the girl … there was a soldier, a young girl… She arrived at the facility recently… I trusted her … I gave them to her. They threw her in prison because she didn’t join the revolt. I hope she’s all right.”


  “I hope she is, too. She’s a bit green but seemed to me to be pretty tough.” Snake wondered if the card keys might have been confiscated when she was put into the cell. He had to find her again.

  “I see you have … a Codec.” Baker smiled slightly. “She has one now. She … stole one from a guard. Her Codec frequency is … two point sixty-three. Or it was. I hope they… haven’t caught her.”

  “I think she’s running around loose, Mister Baker. I’ll find her. What can you tell me about the terrorists? I know Liquid Snake is the leader. Who are his closest lieutenants? Revolver Ocelot?”
Baker coughed, “Ocelot … he tortured me. Bad. He is one of the top men … but the right-had man… is Decoy Octopus. But I don’t know… I don’t knw what happened to him.”

  “What do you mean?”

  “Octopus was near Liquid … all the time … but he disappeared … he must have been … sent away on a mission … or something. Watch out for the woman … the one with the wolves.”

  “Sniper Wolf.”

  Baker nodded. He coughed up blood, and it dribbled down his chin.

  “Tell me. If the keys don’t work, is there another way to prevent a nuclear launch?”

  Baker nodded and coughed again. “Otacon. Find Otacon.”


  “That’s his code … code name. Hal Emmerich. Doctor Hal… Emmerich. He’s the team leader… chief engineer…of the … Metal Gear REX project. If anyone can figure out how to… stop Metal Gear from launching … it’s him.”

  “Where is he? How do I find him?”

  “He’s … he’s a prisoner, too.”


  “I think … in the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building.”

  Snake knew from studying the maps that this was a part of the main complex, where the terrorists most likely were holding down the fort. “Do you know who that was just now? That ninja thing?”
“Ninja? Oh …” the man coughed. “that was FOXHOUND’s dark little secret.”


  “An experimental genome soldier. Ask … Doctor Hunter…” a coughing fit overtook Baker. Blood spewed from his mouth and spattered the front of his clothing. It was obvious to Snake that Baker wasn’t going to hold up for much more interrogation.

  “Okay, take it easy, Mister Baker. Now, let’s see what we can do to get this C4 off you.” Snake examined the mechanism, but Baker shook his head.

  “Don’t. Forget…it. I’m …dying. Don’t … waste your time.”
Snake knew the man was right. “I’m sorry, Baker.”

  “It’s all … right. Go.”

  “Baker, why the hell did you guys revive the Metal Gear project?”

  “There is so much … nuclear material … in the world … unaccounted for. Any small country … or terrorist group … could easily get hold of a nuke. So we … the U.S…. to maintain our policy of …deterrence…we needed a weapon … of overwhelming power.”

  “But it’s crazy.”

  “My company … ArmsTech … we pushed for Metal Gear to be developed … as a black project.”

  “Black project?”

  “Secret projects paid for by … the Pentagon’s black budget. That way … the bleeding-heart liberals can’t stop them. Anyway… the Metal Gear was going to be formally adopted…after the results of this exercise.”

  “Frankly, I don’t give a crap about your company.”

  “Right… So here…reach into my trouser …pocket.” Snake did so and found a computer disk. “This is what you…” what you came for. The optical disk.

  “I don’t know what-”

  “It’s what you need to give … give to Jim. It is the … only remaining copy … of the data?”

  “All the data collected … from this exercise. Make sure… Jim gets it.”

  “Jim? Jim Houseman? I take my orders from Colonel Campbell. I don’t know anything about -”

  “Listen!” Baker coughed, and his breath became shorter. “You must … stop them. If it goes …public… ArmsTech is … finished.”

  “Why? Metal Gear uses existing technology, doesn’t it?”

  “Sure … Metal Gear dose … but …” He coughed more as blood oozed out of his mouth. Then his body jerked and trembled as his eyes rolled up into his head. He groaned in pain.


  “No! it … can’t …be!”

  “What’s happening? Mister Baker!”

  “Those Pentagon … bastards! They went … and … did it.”

  “What are you talking about?”

  “They’re using you to … to …”

  Baker’s entire body went into spasm for a moment, and then he stiffened. With one final exhalation, he sagged in the chair. Snake reached out and felt for a pulse, but there was none.

  “Colonel? Are you listening? Baker’s dead.”

  Dr. Hunter spoke. “The torture must have been too much for him. Was it a heart attack?”

  “I think so,” Snake said. “Just like Anderson.”

  “Well, we won’t know for sure until there’s a postmortem.”

  “What the hell was that ninja thing? Do you know?”

  “I’m afraid I don’t have enough information, Snake.”

  “A member of FOXHOUND?”


  “Are you sure?”

  “We have no one like that in our unit.”

  “Colonel? Are you there?”

  “I’m here, Snake.”

  “Okay, what was Baker talking about? What dose the Pentagon have to do with all this?”

  “Snake, now is not the time -”

  “Damn it, Colonel! It’s my life on the line here! What are you not telling me?”

  “I can’t reveal classified information to you, Snake. I’m sorry.”

  “Well, that’s just hunky-dory. What about Decoy Octopus? Baker said he’s gone. Do you have any record of transports leaving the island in the last twenty-for hours?”

  “No one has left the island, Snake. Octopus must still be there. Remember, he has the ability to become anyone. He is the master of disguise.”

  “Thanks, Colonel. Are there any more words of wisdom that you have to offer?”

  Campbell hesitated and then answered. “Snake, I want you to find my niece and work together.”

  With as much sarcasm as he could muster, Snake asked. “And can I trust her?”

  “Snake, you can probably trust her more than you can trust me.”

  “That’s what I figured. Look, Colonel, I don’t know what’s going on and I can see that you’re not about to tell me. But something smells about this mission, and it’s not the mouse droppings I keep crawling over.”

  The colonel’s silence spoke volumes.
Chapter 8
Snake走向Baker,但他突然停下了迈开一半的脚步。一定有什么地方不对。周围确实有别的人。他的直觉告诉他危险就在眼前,这种直觉是一种源自基因的本能,但事实上在经受之前许多年的创伤后应激障碍(译者注:Post-traumatic stress disorder,简称PTSD)以后,他已经变得更为理智了。他在猎狐犬里参与过的任务已经在他心底深深地烫下了烙印,也使得他选择了隐居阿拉斯加雪原寻求内心的平静。他花了几个月的时间去摆脱伴随着PTSD而来的幻觉、偏执症和精神上的迷惘无措。但是他的康复过程也同样带给了他常理无法解释的特殊意识,他能够挺得更清晰、看得更远、反应更敏捷——尽管他并不相信第六感这种东西,Miller教官却说他已经获得了这种能力。
“他们对我……用刑……但是我抵御了Psycho Mantis的读心术。他们……在我的大脑里……植入了芯片,每一个知道密码的都有这个。”
“但是Anderson说是Psycho Mantis读出了他的密码,这怎么回事?”
“我想她现在很安全,Baker先生。我会找到她的。你能告诉我一些关于恐怖分子的事吗?我知道Liquid是首领,那么谁是副职?Revolver Ocelot?”
Baker一阵咳嗽:“Ocelot……他对我用了刑,这个混蛋。他很重要,……但是副手……是Decoy Octopus,然是我不知道,他好像碰上了什么事。”
Sniper Wolf。”
“那是他的代……代号。Hal EmmerichHal……Emmerich博士。他是研究团队的主……主设计师……Metal Gear REX计划。如果有人……能阻止Metal Gear发射的话,那就只……只有他了。”
Baker,你们为什么要接手这个该死的Metal Gear计划?”
“我的公司……Arms重工……我们不得不将Metal Gear发展成为一个……一个影子计划。”
“由……由五角大楼的‘影子预算’提供资金的秘密计划。这样的话……那些婆婆妈妈的自由主义者就不能干扰他们了。不论如何……Metal Gear本来将在这次试验结果出来之后……被正式接管。”
JimJim Houseman?我接手的是Campbell上校的指挥。我一点都不知道什么……”
“为什么?Metal Gear用的是既有的技术,难道不是吗?”
“是的……Metal Gear的确如此……但是……”他突然咳嗽起来,鲜血喷溅而出,接着他的开始身体剧烈地颤动、双眼翻白、发出痛苦的呻吟。
“很好。那Decoy Octopus怎么了?Baker说他不见了。最近二十四小时有任何离开这个岛的纪录吗?”
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